23 April 2012

02 March 2012

Rural Knot Tying: A Teaser

Here are a few photos to wet your appetite for a Khmer wedding super blog that will be delivered within 2-4 business days (i havent uploaded the bulk of the photos yet). As my girl firend's father passed away last year, her sister needed a male figure to fill the paternal role in the ceremonies. Guess who it was...

And one note, i was not swimming across irrigation canals or doing drugs backstage with the late John Belushi during the nuptuals, it was just sweat-your-balls-off hot in lovely, scantily air-conditioned Pursat.

Gettin' sweaty with the patriarch of the groom's faction.

The bride (tiara) with one of her dearest friends, Sole.

Heat-ravaged hairdos and Leang ravaging an apple.

Ahhh, so sweet.

01 March 2012

A Cambodian take on Wyeth

If you don't know this original work, my wit may be beyond you, but here is a crappily photoshopped rendition of Wyeth's "Christina's World" set in Phnom Penh's outskirts at a building site called Camko city.

25 October 2011

A jungle joke

A Khmer joke my girlfriend told that was told to her as a child:

When monkeys and tigers connect, the outcome is rarely this cute.

A tiger and a monkey are together in the jungle when they learn of an emergency requiring their immediate attention. Because tigers naturally run faster than monkeys, they decide to tie their tails together so they may run at the same swift, feline speed. 

They set off and immediately the monkey is all flailing limbs as he is helplessly dragged behind the tiger over the rugged tropical terrain. 10 to 15 minutes later, the duo reaches their destination, but the monkey is lifeless; his eyes and mouth in a permanent gape. 

Mission accomplished, the panting tiger thinks, as he looks back at the monkey, but he is furious at what he sees. “What is wrong with you?” says the tiger. “That was far, and we were running so fast. I am exhausted.” 

The monkey remains motionless, mouth and eyes still pried open. 

“And look at you!” - the tiger is fed up at this point - “just lying there in laughing like this is all so funny."

Soon to be followed by humor in a similar form, by me…

09 October 2011

Post-nuptial Portraiture

Here are a few B&W photos I took of people at the wedding of Jennifer & Andy Cashin in September. If you wanna see the whole album track me down on Facebook. The name's Colin Meyn.

Nick Schreiber

Kory Philip Northrup

One of the Minnesota-bred brothers who wore different-colored, but otherwise identical, tailored suits over t-shirts emblazoned with a torso-sized thumbs-up to the ceremony.

Alexis. Great musician. Fellow Wildcat. Last name unknown.

Nicholas Lazos

Jimbo Merrell

The best last: The groom, Andy Cashin (left) embraced by Jeff Kane (right).

Many thanks to Jess (pictured below with this dude) for letting me use her sweet camera when the magic hour fell.